After the damage from the infection, Nick had a colostomy bag placed to promote healing and lessen the chance of future infection. He spent almost a week in the hospital recovering but is now back home with his siblings. He will go back for in-patient chemo next week. Please continue to pray for his healing and strength. As always, thank you for the continued support!


After an extremely rough month in the hospital, Nick finally came home.  He is slowly recovering with the assistance of home health care (and his siblings). Thank you everyone for your continued love and support. Nick will have some tough weeks ahead of him so please continue to send prayers and positive thoughts his way.

Update: Nick has had a rough 2 weeks. He spent 8 days in the hospital with complications, and has been back in the hospital since Friday. Please send prayers and positive vibes.

After follow up scans, we are sad to say Nick’s cancer is growing and has spread. He will have surgery on Monday and begin intensive treatments immediately. Our families are devastated by this news but appreciate all the support. Please keep Nick in your thoughts and prayers as he continues his fight. #nicksfight🥊

Nick had scans yesterday and we received results today. His scans are still inconclusive. Good news is 1 spot is unchanged. Bad news is 2 spots showed some small growth. He will get scans again in 6weeks. Please continue to pray for his recovery and health. As always, thanks for all the support.  Our family wishes everyone the happiest of holidays!!     #nicksfight 🥊🎗 Continue reading “”

Nick had scans last Monday, and we received the results on Friday. The doctor was happy with the progress Nick made with treatments over the last year. We are not out of the woods yet so moving forward we are cautiously optimistic. Due to the aggressive nature of his cancer, Nick will continue to get scans every 3 months. As always, thank you for all the support and please continue to pray for Nick.

Radiation has started for Nick and he is starting to feel some side effects. Please pray for his healing and comfort during these treatments. We appreciate everyone’s love & support. #nicksfight🎗🥊

Sorry that there hasn’t been an update lately. It has been a busy couple weeks.  Nick’s treatments continue to intensify. He will continue chemo and start radiation this week. Please continue to pray for his strength and healing.

Thank you so much to the Mustang Wrestling Club for all their support with our family and Nick. He loved his championship belt!!!!