Big day today meeting Rizzo!!!!! So awesome that he came in and called Nick by his name. You can tell he sympathizes with the patients and theirĀ families. He gave Nick a teddy bear and autographed hat which Nick threw back at him!!! #bornasoxfan Nick has treatment all week so please keep praying for his strength and healing. Thanks to everyone for their continued support!!! #nicksfightšŸŽ—šŸ„Š



Nick had routine scans that came back with the same results as his previous scans. He will continue getting his treatments which will get more intense in the upcomong weeks. Please continue to pray for him.


  1. Nick has had a rough couple weeks. After his setback last week missing treatment, he is getting his full week this week. This round is a little tougher on him so please continue to pray for him. Thanks for all the support! #nicksfightšŸŽ—šŸ„Š

Today was St. Baldricks for Nick’s brothers!!!! What a great event, and all the money raised (over $45,000) from the event goes to the Kures for Kids Hero Fund. We are that much closer to finding a cure. The boys did awesome. As always, thanks for all the support and donations!!! Nick has had a hard week due to his last chemo. His appetite is low and sleep a little off, but he still wants to play! Please continue to pray. #nicksfight

Nick continues to get his chemo treatment. His counts have been steady so that has been a relief. He has some good days and some bad days but continues to fight. Please keep praying that he stays as healthy as possible. We appreciate everyone that is supporting him!

UNBELIEVABLE!!! We are so thankful and appreciative of everyone’s generosity, kindness, love, and support that was displayed at Nick’s benefit last night. If you were unable to make it, it was AMAZING! Ā There are no words that could capture how full our hearts feel today. Ā We are so grateful for so many people from all aspects of our life that came out to show support. Ā We are so appreciative and want everyone to know we are so thankful for all the support for Nick and our entire family. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!! Continue reading “”


Today is the day! Thank you to everyone for supporting Nick. OUR NUMBER ONE GOAL IS TO KEEP NICK HEALTHY. Due to the recent outbreak of the flu, Nick’s parents will be unable to hug or shake hands with any of the attendees. Thanks for understanding and all the support.

Nick’s benefit is almost here!! He has a busy week with treatments everyday yet continues to smile at all the nurses. He is strong and fearless just like his shirt says!!!!

Look who was at the hospital today!!! No tears and some new construction trucks. We hope Santa is just as good to all of your families. Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!

Nick had routine scans this week. The doctors are positive about the results and that the chemo is doing its job. He will continue to follow the roadmap that was in place initially. He is still not out of the woods so please continue to pray. He is being so brave, and we are so proud of him!